Saikiran Yerram

Everything is going to be 200 OK @agileseeker

RESTing securely

Friends don't let friends write insecure code

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Django is a powerful python web framework, which follows the DRY (Don’t repeat yourself), and batteries included philosophies. At @Kipinhall, we are proud to use Django because of the rich ecosystem it offers via plugins & its ever expanding community.

Recently we created a...

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December 18, 2013

ngCalendar with event indicator

Now that I know directives, I feel invincible.


This is somewhat advanced AngularJS and I skip a whole lotta information related to basics on constructing directives. Thinkster has excellent tutorials about AngularJS and directives to get started.

Lets face it, Angular directives are tough. I thought it was a...

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November 25, 2013

Making Django Fasssst

99 problems & performance is one of them

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Back in late April 2013, when we released the Alpha version of Kipinhall, we found that even simple DB queries took around a second to execute. Though the user experience was still admirable, something didn't stick. As the number of concurrent users increased, the site...

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September 29, 2013